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4,68 square metres of the facade of Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Jesmonite, fiber, stainless steal armouring
Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen 2018

This project is a collaboration between Veronica Rigét, Adam Fenton and Siska Katrine Jørgensen (with technical assistance from Franco Turchi) and is a 1:1 cast of a fragment of the facade of Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The Charlottenborg wall that the cast is made from is located inside the sculpture garden at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen, creating a border between the garden/the academy and the city. We made a rubber mold by applying sillicone to the wall to make the cast as detailed as possible. The stainless steal amouring is made to secure the piece and attach it to the ground with concrete. The steal grit on the back is very airy and subtle which gives the white, thin jesmonite surface a certain prop quality.

The sculpture is to be found in Skovsnogen (Deep Forest Artland) which is a sculpture forest project in Jutland that started out in 2009. A group of art students and artists who have a connection to the sculpture school at the art academy are now running an association called Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen Foreningen (Sculpture Garden – Deep Forest Art Land – Association). The association has been given a piece of land in the sculpture forest, which is called Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen, and it is in this area that our sculpture is permanently installed. Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen started in 2016 based on the idea that the piece of land should be a 1:1 copy of the sculpture garden in Copenhagen. All trees in this area were cut down and beeches were planted to create a fence marking the border of the area. The assosiation is in charge of how the space is being run and since the project started artists and art students have made both permanent and pop-op projects in the space. The wall piece sculpture is installed on the same spot in Billedhuggerhaven Skovsnogen as where the real piece of wall is located in the sculpture garden in Copenhagen.