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Konturen (figur 2)

Black spray paint, polished wall
Galleri Fisk, Bergen 2016

The wall piece “Konturen (figur 2)” was part of a solo exhibition with the title “•”, together with the two other pieces “Konturen” and “Waste container”.

This work shows a representation of the figure “figur 2” from the second page of text piece “Konturen”. It is scaled up to the biggest size possible to fit the wall and spraypainted using lasercut stencils. The image comes from a picture of a circle found on google, which I used in the text “Konturen” to make “figur 1” (on page 1). “figur 2” is then made by zooming in and cutting out a piece of the circle. Due to the bad resolution, the image gets pixelated when scaled up. Around the image of the cut-out-piece-of-circle the wall is polished to represent the printed version of “figur 2” where the photocopy shows a subtle change of whiteness between the printed background of the image and the paper even though both are white.

The text “Konturen” is based on the notion of dissolution of language. It tries so hard to be specific and precise that it ends up becoming absurd and incomprehensible. Through language that looks descriptive and objective, the text examines the most simple shape, a circle. It is dealing with how the circle is supposed to be understood as relationship between shape and material, but since the language turns out be inadequate and hard to make sense of, the images take over in an attempt to explain the language