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Raft on ice

Trunks, rope, tree dug up from the lake shore, soil
Uttran Sjön, 2018

The raft sculpture was build on the shore with trunks found in the wood. It was then placed on the frozen lake, Uttran, in Sweden as part of the group exhibition “Uttran”. On top of the raft, a basket made of sticks has been attached containing a tree dug up from the lake shore. The raft is going to stay permanently on the river as long as it lasts. Maybe it lasts through the winter and the raft will float away when spring comes, maybe the raft will get stuck somewhere on the shore and the tree will start growing roots connecting the raft to the land, maybe it will collaps when the ice melts if the chuncks are too soaked in water or if a storm comes and it turns around, maybe the sculpture will sink to the bottom of the lake and accommodate fish and other animals in the future untill it dissolves and becomes part of the water.