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Waste Container

Waste, wood glue, tacks, wheels (from Norsk Gjenvinnings waste container 660 L)
Galleri Fisk, Bergen 2016

This sculpture was part of a solo exhibition with the title “•”, together with two other pieces “Konturen” and “Konturen (figur 2)”.

It consists of waste that has been modelled into the shape of a waste container attached on the wheels of the original container. The sculpture is dealing with the same ideas as the other two works in the exhibition, but through a very different proces and with a very different visual expression. The slow process of modelling the container creates a big contrast to the immediate “joke”- feeling which is the foundation of the simple meme-like idea; to model a waste container in waste. Amongst other things, the sculpture is about the massive as contrast to the surface, the autentic vs. representation, simplicity vs the complex, figuration vs abstraction, humor, absurdity and seriousness, language, form/shape in relation to content/material. The exhibition is an experiment with contrasting visual formalities and an attempt to question visual and conceptual prejudices.